Diabetes Awareness Month & Resources

ROSETTE'S Diabetes Awareness Month

November marks the beginning of Diabetes Awareness Month, a time dedicated to reflection, awareness and education about this global health concern. At ROSETTE’S, our commitment to promoting healthier lifestyles through our low-carb and sugar-free baking mixes compels us to share valuable information supporting this cause.

Diabetes affects millions globally, with over 34 million people in the United States having diabetes, predominantly type 2. Alarmingly, about 8.5 million remain undiagnosed, underlining the critical need for awareness and early detection. On a global scale, the International Diabetes Federation reports over 463 million adults living with diabetes worldwide.

The complex story of diabetes in America involves factors like lifestyle changes, dietary habits, genetics, and healthcare practices. Understanding risk factors—genetics, unhealthy eating habits, lack of physical activity, and obesity—is crucial.

Changing dietary habits poses challenges for individuals with diabetes. It entails altering established routines, confronting social and cultural influences, and breaking emotional connections to food. The struggle to adapt to a new diet is particularly evident in cultural food preferences; for example, in Armenian and Middle Eastern diets, many beloved dishes contain sugar and high-carb ingredients. Emotional ties to food are strong, but finding low-carb alternatives helps mitigate the sense of deprivation, making the transition easier without feeling restricted. This is why we began to create a variety of low carb and sugar free baking mixes that are versatile, enabling individuals to replace what they can't restrict – all while savoring the flavors they love, without compromise. 

Navigating the complexities of accessing resources, understanding a healthy diet, and sifting through overwhelming information on diabetes diets can be challenging. Fortunately, both community support and accessible resources play a crucial role in helping individuals face these challenges.

For instance, Rosette's husband, Dr. Tro Kalayjian, leads a metabolic health practice called 'Dr. Tro's Medical Weight Loss' with a mission to reverse type 2 diabetes, obesity, and food addiction. His dedicated team and exclusive app are valuable resources aimed at equipping individuals with a community and the necessary knowledge and guidance for effectively managing diabetes through lifestyle changes. To further support this initiative, and in conjunction with Diabetes Awareness Month, Dr. Tro and his team will host a free 4-week educational series on diabetes within their app. This series offers a valuable opportunity to learn from individuals who have successfully reversed Type 2 Diabetes through lifestyle changes, providing real-life inspiration and extremely helpful insights.

When managing diabetes, perseverance and a supportive environment of people who support you are important. Be nice to yourself and remember that even small changes in your diet are good progress. Over time, these small changes add up and make you healthier and feel better.

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