ROSETTE'S at SMHP Boca Conference '23

I am excited to share my experience with our readers about the Society of Metabolic Health Practitioners (SMHP) conference in Boca Raton, Florida. The conference was hosted by Low Carb USA in collaboration with the SMHP with a special focus on food addiction and metabolic health.

ROSETTE’S participated as an exhibitor where we had the opportunity to meet and share our low carb products with physicians, personal trainers, health coaches, nurse practitioners and just everyday metabolic health enthusiasts who were equally excited to be at the conference. 

It was so much fun sharing a sample of two of our mixes, the Pistachio Shortbread Cookie Mix, and the Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix, and experiencing the first time many of the attendees and speakers tasted our product!

When I stop to reflect about the event, the immediate feeling that rushes through me is about belonging; belonging to a supportive and active community that genuinely cares about their wellbeing, and that of others! Everyday felt like I was waking up to attend class with friends. While we were among esteemed scientists, published researchers and many well-known clinicians, everyone was down to earth, approachable, and seemed to be wholly immersed in the benefits of a low carb lifestyle, community and its success. Doug Reynolds and Pam Devine put together an excellent weekend where everyone from “The Unwin’s” to little old me could connect and feel like they are a part of such an amazing and supportive community.

I was looking forward to connecting with several people whom we have followed for several years, such as Dr. David Unwin and Dr. Jen Unwin, who I refer to as low carb hero’s! Their work on food addiction, obesity and diabetes reversal through a low carb diet is extraordinary and they are an inspiration to me and my husband! 

Always a pleasure, I was able to reconnect with Nina Teicholz, a fellow New Yorker and the author of The Big Fat Surprise and executive director of the nutrition coalition. Nina gave an amazing lecture on the bias against saturated fat in the medical literature and the government guidelines.

Other amazing lecturers including Dr. Ben Bocchicchio, who I won’t deny I was initially intimidated to approach and who turned out to be extremely kind and down to earth. It could be because we are both from New York City, but nevertheless, I am happy to have introduced myself and the opportunity to make a new connection!

I also had the opportunity to meet Dr. Ben Bikman, who wrote the book “Why We Get Sick,” and reconnect with Dr. Eric Westman who gave an interesting talk about the last 30 years of research on low carb and ketogenic diets.

Of course, Dr. Tro’s team was present, where Amy Eiges and Dr. Tro set up a successful bonus clinical workshop on Food Addiction the day before the event kicked off–a first of its kind! Brian Wiley welcomed patrons to the Dr. Tro exhibitor table, and Dr. Laura presented two poster presentations with her husband Dr. Matthew Calkins showcasing data on food addiction and CGM’s in group settings.

Bonus? We got to spend time and cheers with our Canadian-Armenian low carb community which included Dr. Taline Ghazigian and health coach Vic aka @LowCarbBeast. 

Overall, we had an amazing jam packed four days meeting and reconnecting with so many people who are making low carb sustainable and fun. We are happy to be a part of such a community and are looking forward to next year!


  • Thank you for sharing about your experience. Sounds like a really meaningful and informative event! As a newbie, it has been so great to find out that there is so much community around low carb, such opportunities to connect to others through this lifestyle. I love that you and the Tro tribe are always sharing what you’ve learned, learning more from others, and encouraging the rest of us to join in the fun and success!

    Kara Curtis
  • Looked like a great event. I’m going someday. Good write up R


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