Taste & Test with Dave Feldman x ROSETTE'S

Dave Feldman and ROSETTE'S
The amazing Citizen Scientist, aka Dave Feldman has been recording mini glucose test experiments with low carb and sugar free products in a program called “Test & Taste”. Dave explains that he tastes and shares the results, on Instagram and TikTok, “mainly for the benefit of my diabetic family and friends”. We appreciate what Dave is undertaking for the consumer considering how difficult it can be for those monitoring their diabetes to test new products so to not risk a spike in their glucose.

For ROSETTE'S Taste & Test episode, Dave, a self-proclaimed chocolate chip cookie
feen, prepared the Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix. The ingredients in this cookie mix are almond flour, sweetener (erythritol, monkfruit extract), chocolate chips (unsweetened chocolate, erythritol, cocoa, butter, stevia extract, sunflower lecithin), whey protein isolate (soy lecithin), baking powder, and himalayan pink salt. Dave began with a base line glucose reading of 97, which he tested with a Keto-Mojo monitor.

Dave consumed 1 ½ cookies and describes the cookie as “not soft per se but just a hard chocolate chip cookie, they are pretty legit.” Keto cookies, with an almond flour base, can easily be over baked whereby they get crunchier. If you would like it crispy on the edges and moist on the inside, bake it 10-12 minutes.


Dave Feldman and ROSETTE'S Glucose Taste & Test

Back to Dave’s results. The video is edited to show Dave’s 1-hour glucose  reading at 108 quickly followed by his 2-hour glucose reading at 91. He seems surprised with the results but concludes that he was “looking for a strong signal” and this suggests a “fairly low glycemic impact.” Overall, it seems that ROSETTE’S chocolate chip cookies “were a legit hit with the Feldman Fam”.



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