Weekend at Ketofest '22

This past weekend ROSETTE'S, including myself (Rosette) and Natalie, attended our first keto event as a vendor to showcase our line-up of low-carb baking mixes and connect with the low-carb/keto community. Ketofest was organized by Carl Franklin and Richard Morris who are co-hosts of the 2 Keto Dudes Podcast. They have been hosting Ketofest for the past several years and it was inspiring to meet them both. This year they again gathered an impressive group of speakers whom we were super excited to connect with! 
Eric Westman at KetofestThe speakers were Dr. Eric Westman who spoke about how keto reverses heart failure, Dave Feldman who shared about the Lipid Energy Model on a ketogenic diet, Siobhan Huggins, who shared about LipedemaL. Amber O'Hearn gave us an insiders guide to living a Carnivore lifestyle; and Nina Teicholz's presentation reviewed "the ways in which major advancements in the science on nutrition and health have been ignored by policy makers in government". 

Ketofest was not just for learning, but there were also cooking demonstrations and taste testing consisting of crispy pork belly, chicken tenders fried in lard, and mu shu pork – all keto of course! 
Keto Chow KetofestWe were honored to be one of the three main vendors at the event and shared mini cupcakes made with the Classic Yellow Cake Mix! We tasted Keto Chow's smoothies, pudding and electrolyte water, which was refreshing with the day's heat and were stoked to meet Julie from Fox Hill Kitchens and snack on their crunchy keto croutons! 

We are very proud to be a part of events like this, to connect with other companies who share our passion for low-carb living, and connect with amazing speakers who have devoted their careers to making this way of life easy for the masses. Above all it was great to meet so many people who use and enjoy our products, and thanked us for helping create products that help keep them on their keto journey. 

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