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Where ROSETTE’S will bring our passion for low-carb to life. A curated space where we’ll cover a variety of topics we hope you’ll find useful and inspiring, such as:

  • how and why to implement and realistically sustain a low-carb sugar-free life
  • conversations with low-carb influencers
  • amazing keto success stories–real people who have made a real difference for themselves and their families.  

Everyone involved with ROSETTE’S has a profound and personal reason for why they are so passionate about living a no-sugar life. In 2015, when lawyer Rosette Kalayjian and her husband Dr. Tro found out they were expecting baby #3, Rosette gently challenged Tro to address his lifelong struggle with weight, concerned for his health and the future of their young family. Tro scoured the scientific literature and learned about the advantages of a low-carbohydrate diet, and over the next few years went on to lose 150 pounds. Rosette began her own research in an effort to support her husband – looking for ways to help him replace the foods he had difficulty restricting. “I’ve always loved cooking and baking, so I began exploring low-carb options to help keep him on track. I started by simply looking for substitutions for the ingredients in traditional family favorites.”  

Rosette hadn’t considered the health impact excessive sugars and processed carbs had on her own well-being until her family had been low carb for a few months. She grew up active and without weight issues, but her perspective quickly shifted: “My initial motivation was to find a way to satisfy our family’s sweet tooth and carb-cravings without derailing my husband’s weight loss journey, but I was shocked to see that some of my own health issues, even ones I hadn’t considered as being related to food, like migraines, were resolved after I stopped eating sugar and reduced the carbs. Losing postpartum weight was a huge added bonus!” Fast forward seven years, and as a couple Rosette and Tro are down around 180 pounds!  

“We grew up in New York surrounded by the best bakeries and bagels in the world – going cold turkey was not realistic! A few months after our family started low carb, we celebrated a birthday with a recipe I had been testing. It was a hit! That cake was the predecessor to what has become the Classic Yellow Cake Mix, and the seed of an idea for ROSETTE’S was planted.”  

The lifestyle changes Rosette and Tro had undergone soon made an impact on the rest of their family. Rosette’s sister, marketing executive Natalie Jourbadjian, had always had an interest in health and wellness. In 2018, “I became a certified trainer and health coach, and was able to help my clients with their health goals, but couldn’t understand why despite making mindful choices with food and exercise, my own energy levels were low, and I had terrible stomach pain after high-carb meals.” Natalie was inspired by Rosette and Tro to cut sugar and processed carbs from her diet, “and just like that my stomach pain was gone, and my energy levels were up!”

In those early days, Rosette would pack mixes for Natalie to whip-up at home: “I was newly married with a high-pressure job and was just not a baker like my sister. I didn’t have the time or desire to figure out a pantry full of expensive ingredients, so Rosette would drop off pre-measured mixes for me to prepare a batch of sweets in minutes. They were so helpful!

Natalie quickly saw the value and real opportunity to help others who may be facing the same challenges. “We looked for mixes out in the marketplace, but couldn’t find any that weren’t full of garbage…packages with long lists of mysterious, unpronounceable ingredients. Now that I have two young children, this is even more important to me,” explains Natalie.

In March of 2019, ROSETTE’S was officially launched with just 4 mixes: Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix, Peanut Butter Cookie Mix, Pistachio Shortbread Cookie Mix, and [No] Sugar Cookie Mix.  

Says Rosette, “I traded my ESQ for CEO, and became partners with one of my favorite people, my sister Natalie! Together we are busy moms, sisters, daughters, wives, and friends with an honest desire to make eating healthy both delicious and easy. Life can be hard – your baking shouldn’t be. 

Our families, our company and our journeys have grown and evolved tremendously over the past few years, and we are beyond excited to continue expanding our line with new products that support you and your family in meeting your health goals. Thank you for your trust in our small business and welcoming ROSETTE’S into your homes.” 

Make it yummy. Make it healthy. Make it easy. Happy baking! 🖤


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  • Your mixes changed our lives. My mom’s DM went from almost insulin to no meds. It inspired us to cut sugar in a realistic way. There is nothing out there with such clean ingredients. The Falafel and Bagel mix as well as the waffle mix are amazing!


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