ROSETTE'S Turns Four!

ROSETTE'S Rosette and Natalie Low Carb Baking Mixes

When ROSETTESMIX.COM went live on March 29, 2019, we didn’t have a long-term plan. We knew we wanted to make low carb and sugar free desserts available that tasted good! Our focus was on low carb and sugar free because that was the lifestyle we were implementing in our homes at the time and could not find alternatives in the market to support our journey. Much has changed now, where you can find keto products at your local market, but many of them still fall short to our standard. We set out to develop new recipes that use ingredients that are said to not affect glucose levels or cause inflammation. We always aim to keep our ingredient list short and comprehensible!


We often get the question why we chose to produce baking mixes and not ready to eat products. We believe there is a sense of calm, accomplishment, and accountability when you are preparing your own meals. We wanted to create a mix for all of life’s moments, where replacements are available to help you address your cravings while remaining in control of your health goals and making memories in the process.

We know how difficult it can be to be the one changing your diet AND the one that is supporting someone changing their diet. With our baking mixes we wanted to make the transition and process easy for everyone. With every recipe we ask ourselves, “will this make it easier for someone to get healthy and stay the course”.

ROSETTE'S Low Carb Baking Mixes

 ROSETTE'S Low Carb Cookies ROSETTE'S Low Carb Baking Mixes

We launched with 4 cookie mixes back in 2019, and with every mix we aim to create a replacement to those foods that we are familiar with, those foods that trigger us and whisper, “eat me”. We are proud to have created a versatile and classic lineup of flavors for you. As we celebrate 4 years we asked ourselves, what more can we do to help? Our answer is always, find a mix to make the journey even easier and sustainable so we prepared not one, but 2 new mixes for you to incorporate and enjoy.

ROSETTE'S Cracker Mix

The first one will be a Cracker Mix; hooray! We have been testing this one for months and are pleased to say that everyone, old & young, low carb and not have enjoyed this recipe! We hope you know that we are listening to you and we may not be able to create a mix for everything but we have an intensive list of recipes for you to pull from. Crackers were an item many had requested and now it is available for your charcuterie boards, dips and more!



ROSETTE'S Salted Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

For a second mix we wanted to create a new cookie flavor you wouldn’t necessarily have thought of. We also have received a lot of feedback that you guys love shortbread cookies and so we knew this Salted Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookie Mix would be a win. We love the simplicity in preparation of a shortbread cookie and the marriage of salty and sweet flavors this mix brings was hard to pass up. This was a nice bonus that we thought you would enjoy.



Every mix we develop is thoughtfully selected and takes into consideration common flavors to help keep you feeling motivated with your lifestyle. We welcome our customers to contact us with requests and ideas; be it new products or recipes using our current offerings. You can explore our current recipes here.

Thank you for being on this journey with us–we are grateful to be part of yours. Here's to four and beyond!

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