A Magical Journey on the Low Carb Cruise 2024

Last week, my husband Dr. Tro and I embarked on a truly unforgettable adventure aboard the Low Carb Cruise 2024. It was the first time in 12 years that we managed to escape from our daily routine and get away from our family. Even though Dr. Tro had work commitments, we seized the opportunity to explore, meet new people, and work out together. Each moment was a beautiful memory captured in the many photos I still need to sift through. This trip allowed us to reconnect as a couple after 20 years of marriage and build new relationships within the vibrant low carb community. 

I extend my heartfelt thanks to the organizers, speakers, and attendees of the Low Carb Cruise 2024. Focusing on relationships is crucial during any weight loss and health journey. Surrounding yourself with people who uplift and walk with you makes all the difference, and we are blessed to be on this journey together. Debbie, Kathy, and Michelle did an excellent job bringing camaraderie and education together on the sea! It is a recipe for success!

One of the highlights of the trip was finally meeting Dr. Brian Lenzkes and his wife Lanelle in person. Dr. Lenzkes is Dr. Tro’s other half on the Low Carb MD podcast for the last six years, and connecting with them face-to-face was an absolute delight. We enjoyed evening dinners together with a fantastic group of individuals from Missouri and Florida, sharing stories, experiences, and plenty of laughter (and salt). The camaraderie and support from this group made the cruise even more special.

We learned that cruising or simply vacations while living a low carb lifestyle doesn’t have to be challenging. There was plenty of protein available—you just need to navigate through the carbs to find it! For lunch one afternoon, Lanelle and I tackled this by ordering one of each sandwich, scraping out the insides, and enjoying a large plate of flavors without the carbs. At dinner, our amazing wait staff brought us multiple plates of protein, omitting the carbs and sauces from the plate so we didn't have to worry about temptation! For a sweet treat, I even brought along my homemade Pistachio Biscotti, baked with our Pistachio Shortbread Cookie Mix, which sustained us and friends throughout the trip. 

Doctor TroThe conference days at sea were truly beautiful! We had the pleasure of meeting the MCs, Joe & Rachel Stauffer from 2krazyketos, who kept us laughing with their hilarious antics. Natalie Grasso's talk, "Build Your Body, Build Your Life: The Secret to Health & Body Transformation Beyond Age 40," was incredibly inspiring and motivated me to work out ten times harder, which I began on day 1 by only taking the stairs wherever we went. Getting to meet "Ask Nurse Cindy" brought so much fun and bubbly energy to the cruise that it felt like I had known her for years, even though we had just met. And Dr.  Tony Hampton got me in trouble for chatting in the back of the room! 

One of the highlights was running into attendees and presenters throughout the cruise, particularly enjoying early morning walks on the Deck 12 track. We often found ourselves gathered for sidebars, especially the one with Dr. Tro, Ben Bikman, Jen Winkler and fellow cruisers, which provided insightful and engaging discussions. Meeting friends on the islands was also a fantastic experience. It was pretty cool to run into new friends in a foreign country and greet them as we toured the streets and beaches.

The Low Carb Cruise 2024 was not just a trip but a significant step in my health journey. It reinforced the importance of community, support, and maintaining a low carb lifestyle even while traveling. We're grateful for the experiences, the new friends, and the memories we created. Here’s to many more journeys together, surrounded by those who lift us up and support our goals.

Below: Rosette with Maria Emmerich, Coach Jessyca, Natalie Grasso, Ask Nurse Cindy, Mr. & Mrs. Ben Bikman with Dr. Tro Kalayjian, and Coach Bronson.

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