Making Better Choices Without Sacrificing What You Love

Woman's World Cover Story Amy Eiges and ROSETTE'SImagine gracing the cover of Woman's World Magazine, not just for a moment, but for a journey that truly inspires. Meet Health Coach Amy Eiges.

Struggling with weight her entire life, Amy's story mirrors battles many face daily – the ongoing struggle between health and temptation. But she didn't surrender; she seized control. Opting for lasting change over quick fixes, she paved the way for a remarkable transformation.

Amy's journey flourished with the support of an understanding doctor who empowered her for lasting success. Additionally, she made mindful choices, like incorporating ROSETTE'S, where she replaced restrictions with purposeful decisions aligned with her goals.

We're immensely proud to have been a part of her journey. Our Dough Mix was a game-changer, reshaping how she approached her favorite foods like hamburger buns and New York-style bagels. Once distant indulgences are now at her fingertips, without sacrificing taste or well-being.

Amy's journey showcases the power of change, amplified by the right support. Armed with mindful choices and alternatives like Rosette's, you pave your path to better health.

You can read the full cover story feature and get the ROSETTE'S recipes here!

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