Rosette and Dr. Tro on Life's Best Medicine with Brian Lenzkes, MD

Dr. Tro and ROSETTE'S on Life's Best Medicine

Our very own Founder, Rosette and husband, Dr. Tro, who heads up Dr. Tro's Medical Weight Loss practice joined Brian Lenzkes, MD for an interview on Life's Best Medicine. 

Dr. Tro and Rosette get personal and take it back to the beginning and share their story on how they met and their journey as they experienced a decline in their metabolic health through Med and Law School respectively. More importantly, they talk about what matters in life and how they were able to put a stop to the decline and make positive lifestyle changes for themselves while balancing work, family and starting a business.

Watch here: Episode 125: Dr. Tro Kalayjian and Rosette Kalayjian



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