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In a world where diets and health fads come and go, some individuals have discovered the power of low-carb living. One such advocate is Amanda Decker, FNP-C, whose journey into the realm of metabolic health and carbohydrate restriction has profoundly impacted her life. Through this interview, Amanda shares her personal experiences, struggles, and triumphs on her path to discovering the transformative benefits of a low-carb lifestyle.

Discovering the Power of Low Carb
For Amanda, her interest in low carb began as a result of her personal health journey. Fueled by a desire to take control of her well-being, she started exploring various resources such as books, podcasts, and articles on the topic. What started as curiosity quickly evolved into a passion, leading her deep into the rabbit hole of low-carb living.

Stumbling Upon Low Carb
Amanda's introduction to low carb could be described as serendipitous. Inspired by her great grandmother's timeless wisdom, she initially embarked on what she calls "the grandma diet" - cutting down on cookies, cakes, and breads while embracing wholesome foods like meat and vegetables. To her surprise, weight loss became a welcome side effect of this simple approach.

Amanda Decker Medical Weight Loss

From Weight Loss to a Lifelong Journey

At first, Amanda's focus was primarily on shedding pounds, but as she experienced
the positive effects of low carb, her journey blossomed into something much more profound. Not only did she witness her own body healing, but she also observed positive changes in her family's lives. This powerful transformation even led her to change her career path, redirecting her professional life towards promoting the low-carb lifestyle.


The Evolving Low-Carb Lifestyle
Over the past 14 years, Amanda's version of the low-carb lifestyle has evolved. She started with a simple diet of meat and veggies, avoiding many low-carb treats or processed products. However, as time went on, she added some low-carb treats to keep her eating plan interesting. Cycling between low carb, keto, and carnivore diets, Amanda tailors her approach based on how she feels at any given time.

Challenges and Joys of Low-Carb Living
While Amanda now finds ease in her low-carb journey, she admits that doing it alone initially posed challenges. However, when her husband joined her on the path, the journey became significantly smoother. Today, many of her family members embrace the low-carb lifestyle, and together, 14 years later, they inspire and support one another.

Amanda's favorite aspect of low carb is its simplicity; she appreciates not having to count or track anything, allowing her to focus on enjoying delicious, wholesome meals without restrictions.

The Impact on Amanda's Career
Amanda's belief in the power of low carb has had an incredible impact on her career. As a medical practitioner, she initially experienced burnout in primary care, feeling like she wasn't making a meaningful difference in her patients' lives.

However, as she started incorporating low carb into her practice, everything changed. Now, Amanda runs a thriving medical weight loss practice with low carb at its core, empowering patients to reclaim their health and wellness.

Low Carb for Better Health 2023 Amanda Decker

Taking it a step further, Amanda started the "Low Carb for Better Health" conference in 2022. This initiative allows her to share the message of healing and inspire more people to embrace the benefits of a low-carb lifestyle. The “Low Carb for Better Health” Conference will be returning to Tennessee this year on August 26th with guest speakers Neisha Salas-Berry RN, Dr. Ken Berry & more. 

Facing Social Scrutiny and Advice for Newbies
Although Amanda has encountered minimal social scrutiny for her dietary choices, she advises newcomers to be prepared for challenging situations. She recommends keeping a stash of low-carb treats on hand to navigate moments when options are limited.

Empowering the Next Generation
Raising a low-carb family has been a learning experience for Amanda. While her son initially resisted the changes, with a little bit of compromise, he eventually embraced the lifestyle, especially after contributing to meal choices. Her daughter's journey was smoother, given that she was introduced to low carb early in life and has a wheat sensitivity. Both children have learned to make informed choices and understand how food impacts their well-being. 

Proud Accomplishments
Above all, Amanda's most significant source of pride is her children. Witnessing their growth and knowledge of the low-carb message fills her heart with joy. On the professional front, she takes immense pride in opening DMA Weight and Wellness, where she continues to transform lives through the power of low carb. Additionally, the success of the "Low Carb for Better Health" conference stands as a testament to her dedication to spreading the message of healing.

Amanda leaves us with a powerful piece of advice: the responsibility for our health lies within ourselves. “No one is going to fix your health for you. You have to and you can. You have the power to be sick or well, and I hope you choose to be well.”

Through Amanda's journey, we are reminded of the transformative power of low-carb living and the remarkable impact it can have on one's life. Her story serves as an inspiration for all those seeking to take charge of their health and well-being, one wholesome meal at a time.

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