Women In Low Carb Series: Pam Devine

Pam Devine Low Carb USAEmbarking on a low-carb journey is a transformative experience that positively impacts health and well-being. In this month's Women in Low Carb feature, we share the inspiring journey of Pam Devine, an advocate for metabolic health and co-founder of Low Carb USA. Her story unfolds from initial skepticism to discovering benefits and the evolution of her low-carb lifestyle.

Pam Devine's low carb journey, driven by a desire for metabolic health, transformed her life and led to the creation of Low Carb USA with Doug Reynolds, her partner, and President of the SMHP. Their journey began when curiosity about butter in coffee led Pam to explore ketones as an alternative fuel source. Delving into the literature, starting with Stephen Phinney and Jeff Volek's "The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living," Pam's initial motivation for performance evolved into an awareness of broader health implications, especially in combating insulin resistance and diabetes.

Facing weight gain despite an active lifestyle, Pam transitioned to a low-carb diet in 2015, emphasizing meat, full-fat dairy, and vegetables. The path involved experimentation, initially consuming more carbs, then simplifying meals, ultimately finding peace in a carnivore diet. Pam shares, “The more we simplify things, the easier it is for us. That's why we really love going carnivore.”

Overcoming challenges, Pam emphasizes the significance of simplicity in low carb ROSETTE'S and Pam Devine Low Carb USA BOCA living. Addressing addictions takes various forms, with some opting for complete avoidance to break free from triggers, while others find success in substituting with healthier alternatives. Pam explains, "I choose options like ROSETTE’S that align with my health goals, steering clear of carb-heavy or gluten-laden versions." Her experience underscores stable energy levels, freedom from constant snacking, and positive overall well-being. While she no longer struggles with cravings, Pam remains astonished by the prevalence of carb-heavy meals in public settings, highlighting the imperative need for awareness and education about healthier dietary choices.

Pam's commitment extended to co-founding Low Carb USA, initially a coaching program that evolved into a platform for live conferences. The community forged through Low Carb USA inspires individuals committed to health and well-being. As their 20th conference approaches from January 12 to January 14 in Boca Raton, Florida, featuring expert speakers on metabolic health, Pam shares her low carb journey to raise awareness about its benefits. (You can livestream the event here if you are interested!)

The inaugural conference revealed the significant impact of reaching healthcare professionals and addressing prevailing misconceptions about what constitutes good nutrition. Diving deeper into this mission, "we unveiled a significant educational gap that urgently required addressing." Their initial step involved developing a coaching program—a basic yet valuable resource available on their site. The wealth of information available for experts led them to create a dynamic platform, primarily through in-person conferences, where they could formally present their groundbreaking work.

Pam, co-leading the organization for eight years, reflects on her transformative journey as “astonishing” and “gratifying,” stating, "Looking back, it's hard to believe we've reached this milestone. The passion and commitment to educating and inspiring others have been the driving forces sustaining us throughout these years."

Embracing the low carb lifestyle redirected Pam's career, connecting her with a community striving for a common goal–positive change. Pam's dedication through Low Carb USA serves as a guiding light for those navigating health journeys by fostering a supportive community committed to informed choices, emphasizing the transformative power of knowledge and a collective commitment to healthier lifestyles.


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