Women In Low Carb Series: Teresa Mealy

We are excited to launch a new series for our blog where we will highlight the female voices in the low carb and keto space. In the coming series we will look to highlight key female figureheads in the metabolic health space, including doctors, nutritionists, dietitians, authors, business owners, entrepreneurs and scientists. 

Today, we would like to highlight Teresa Mealy, a Family Nurse Practitioner and owner of Teresa Mealy Total Health and Wellness, in rural Missouri, with a busy, flourishing practice and bustling family life! A few years back, in an effort to lose weight she decided to try low carb and was surprised when she was also able to not only lose weight, but resolve a host of other medical issues. She transitioned her family to a low carb lifestyle and has gone on to use low carb as a therapeutic tool with her patients. 

Teresa has been low-carb and at times keto-carnivore for 4 years. She explains that she has used this lifestyle to overcome food addiction, noting that at first it was a challenge to prioritize health with eating but that overtime it has become easier. “I can’t tell you enough how great it is to be on the other side of food addiction. It never goes away but it does get easier.”

She explains that she had suffered from weight issues and food addiction and happened to come across a facebook group during her search for a way out of yo-yo dieting purgatory. At the time, she was eating dessert “disguised as breakfast” every day. Teresa recounts her old life, of fake oils, low-fat cream cheese, and endless oatmeal. But none of these foods helped her maintain satiety and she found herself always going back for more. She explains that she would eat cereal, smoothies, muffins, pastries and of course the “healthy” yogurt parfaits with granola and “fat free” pop tarts. But after educating herself more thoroughly into nutrition and transitioning to low carb, it was “easy to keep those 30 pounds off”.  

She explains that these foods were spiking her insulin and causing her blood sugar to go up and crash leading to hunger yet again, despite having just eaten. “I was hungry because my blood sugar was up, down, up, down, no wonder I could never concentrate, no wonder I always needed a nap!” These crashes, and the resulting hunger, anxiety, sleeplessness and brain fog all relieved with some simple steps.

Breakfast became “eggs and bacon most days” and her meals were “mostly meat, eggs, and some occasional brussel sprouts and cauliflower”.

Teresa reports that getting started was “rough and with many mistakes”. Like many, she began with dirty keto, a term used to describe a ketogenic diet that includes replacement strategies and low carb versions of modern hyperpalatable foods. She explains how over time, and as her relationship to food improved, she naturally transitioned to a more real-food diet. Over the years, she no longer relies on “hacks” and sticks to mainly meat and veggies. 

One of her continued struggles is managing her cravings. But with the improvements in her sleep, mood, blood pressure, depression and anxiety, she is in a much better place to tackle them and stay ahead! Her diet and lifestyle helped resolve it all. 

Teresa’s tips to tackle those late-night crunchy cravings include dipping some pork rinds into sour cream or cream cheese. She also recommends bringing a dessert with you during holiday gatherings. “Just bring a low carb and sugar free dessert and nobody will even know at your gatherings.”

When it comes to sweet treats, even if low carb, she recommends keeping treats to as little as needed and mainly for when transitioning to the lifestyle and during holidays. 

Be wise and proactive. Figure out what you need to survive. Remember, it’s just another meal. Choose wisely. 

Since experiencing this transition for herself, Teresa has helped countless patients. It has completely changed her practice. And her best advice for her patients who are just starting, is to get support, support, support. She recommends finding and joining a support group just like she did when she started. We cannot agree more with Teresa. Natalie and I (the sister duo behind ROSETTE’S) also get support from a community and are actively involved with the community on the Doctor Tro app.

Over the coming months, we will highlight other female powerhouses in the low carb, metabolic health space. People like Teresa Mealy are changing lives and we are proud to showcase her journey and the impact she has on her patients. You can find more information about Teresa Mealy at the following social handles.

Website: Total Health and Wellness, LLC

Instagram: @teresa_mealy_thw 

Twitter: @teresamealythw

Facebook: Teresa Mealy Total Health and Wellness, LLC

If there is an inspiring voice in your life that you would love to see featured in our WLC series, please email your suggestions to rosettesbakedgoods@gmail.com


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