Girl Scout Cookies Made Low-Carb

Cookies may arguably be the most favorable dessert due to their convenience. It’s an instant gratification. You pick one up and enjoy it. For this blog, we’re going to use Girl Scout Cookie season as an example for how we can still enjoy cookies we love without sabotaging our health.

Girl Scout cookie season lasts for about six to eight weeks, but many purchase enough boxes until the following season. Even though Girl Scout season is centered around a noble cause, who really needs a year’s worth of cookies? Sure, it is a fun way to support family and friends in helping raise money for community projects and teaching children about life topics such as leadership and money management, however, as advocates for healthier lifestyle choices, we encourage not feeling bad about finding new ways to support family & friends while maintaining our health requirements. 

It can be challenging for many who work hard to live a healthier lifestyle, especially those who struggle with diabetes, food addictions and intolerances. This is why we (ROSETTE'S) are focused on creating low-carb, sugar-free and gluten-free recipes for your favorite eats.

All that said, there is no need for FOMO! You can make your very own [low carb, sugar free, gluten free, & grain free] Tagalongs & Samoas aka Caramel Delights at home using the [No] Sugar Cookie mix! Use these recipes to avoid the momentary indulgence and keep your Girl Scout memories alive! 

                                                          Tagalongs Recipe                          Samoas Recipe


We want to show you a 1:1 example of how the ingredients in an original tagalong vary from our low-carb and sugar-free version while still delivering a spot on flavor profile! The ingredients speak for themselves.

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  • I hope people understand that some companies care about quality ingredient while others just don’t give a shit


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