This is Halloween–no need to scream!

This is halloween, Halloween, HALLOWEEN! Halloween kicks off the holiday season. With lots of gatherings filled with treats; chocolates, candies & baked goods it’s definitely a time to buckle down and put together a plan of action so you do not get tricked or treated into derailing from your health goals and lifestyle. 

I am always overwhelmed when preparing for Halloween. The two main issues that we face is how to handle the kids sweets and treats and the second issue is how to handle the socialization and the food to put out for when we have a get together.

We grew up trick or treating and sorting through our favorites when the night was over. Halloween meant you got to taste test all the candies to find your favorite, and all the ones that your parents would never buy for you. Now, Halloween brings a sense of anxiousness. As adults and parents, we ask ourselves how do we limit the consumption of candy on Halloween for our little ones? How do we make it so they do not feel left out from the festivities and traditions of Hallows Eve? How do we still offer a fun experience for our neighbors rather than shut our lights, pull the drapes and hide?

Last year we gave out protein bars and protein chips. This year we are trying something new! We have purchased non-food items to share. There are so many items that kids would have much more fun with than “fun sized” candies. Wouldn't you rather pick up a bottle of mini slime, Halloween themed slap bracelet or mini Halloween squishes!?

Now that we figured out how we are going to handle trick-or treating, we want to share some ideas for social gatherings. We are ready to create delicious keto-friendly treats to celebrate Halloween with our family and friends!

Keto Halloween Hot Dog Mummy using ROSETTE'S Dough Mix
Check out these mummy wrapped hot dogs made with the Dough Mix! Simply prepare one batch of the dough mix as directed on the package, roll it out thin and use a sharp knife or pizza cutter to create thin strips. Wrap the strips around the hot dog dressing it like a mummy. We like to boil the hotdogs before wrapping them. Bake on 350°F for 15-20 min. After removing from the oven and prior to serving, dip a toothpick into mustard and create two eyes on the hotdog. Thanks Mummy!  

Keto Chocolate Brownie for HalloweenIf you are looking for a spooky sweet treat then let’s create ghost or mummy brownies! First you will have to bake a tray of brownies; you can use the Protein Brownie mix or the Chocolate Cake Mix. Bake them as directed on the packaging and cut them into squares once they cook. Melt your favorite sugar-free white chocolate chips and draw strips to dress your square into a mummy. You can also spread the white chocolate to create a ghost or drizzle it for a zombie effect! We purchased edible candy eyeballs to make these treats come alive!

Baking and decorating these spooky treats was a great activity for the kids and a way to create memories without all the sugar! We even got them to taste test new foods because “they look awesome”. We hope you have a fun-spook-filled Halloween! Let us know what you whip up and share with trick-or-treaters in the comments below! 

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