Weekend at Keto Symposium '22

ROSETTE'S Keto Baking MixesWhen we learned that New York City was going to host its first Keto Symposium we were super excited! Natalie and I grew up in Queens; Manhattan was a short ride away to which we frequently visited for work and fun. Having a keto centered event in our "backyard" was an experience we could not pass up! We weren't only excited to spend some time in NYC, but because we believe in the importance of this community, particularly here in New York.

NYC is an epicenter of plant-based initiatives. It was one of the first cities to adopt Meatless Mondays, and is now pushing its plant-based agenda even further. NYC mandated vegan meals every Friday for all children in public schools. After the untimely death of Bob Atkins, MD in the early 2000s, the NYC keto & metabolic health scene has been fairly quiet, so we were excited to connect with a like-minded Community, in-person, and to learn more about this healthy lifestyle.

Kristina Hess, MS, CNS, LDN organized a New York keto experience, with an amazing line-up of speakers and even cooler sponsors! The keynote speaker was Maria Emmerich, a wellness expert in nutrition and exercise and a keto cookbook Queen. She has lived a low-carb life for over 25 years and authored countless cookbooks that help you create delicious keto, low-carb and/or protein sparing recipes. Being able to connect with such influential individuals in real life was a special experience for us. 

Speakers also included big names like Nina Teicholz, who talked about the various influences and agendas that have found themselves intertwined in our nutritional policy. She emphasized the lack of scientific rigor when it came to incorporating the hundreds of studies on low carb nutrition into the policies of our dietary guidelines. Cynthia Thurlow,  talked about the benefits of fasting and other lifestyle interventions. 

Ben Azadi, gave a captivating and motivational speech about the key tenants that are needed in a healthy lifestyle, namely Vitamin G which is Gratitude. Robert Sikes, better known as "Keto Savage" talked about the psychology of cutting for competition preparation and the hormonal benefits of doing keto when seeking an ideal body composition.

Temple Stewart, better known as @The.Ketogenic.Nutritionist spoke about reversing PCOS with a low carb and ketogenic diet. She was motivated to help women after successfully reversing her own PCOS and losing 40 pounds.

Dr. Tro Kalayjian gave a powerful speech on Food Addiction highlighting the needs to recognize binge-eating and food addiction prior to starting a nutrition program.

Dorian Greenow, also known as Mister Mojo, gave a riveting talk about the various ways to measure ketones, including the pros, cons, and costs. He spoke about the future of metabolic treatments and the need for multi-disciplinary approaches in healthcare. 

You can learn more about the complete lineup of speakers by clicking their names or visiting the Keto Symposium website.

As sponsors, we also met the inspiring other half of the Keto Mojo duo, Gemma Kochis, also known as Missus Mojo. Both of their work, with their company, foundations, and generosity was beyond inspiring. Their initial donation helped start the Society of Metabolic Health Practitioner which now has over 300 doctors who have been certified in metabolic health. 

We also connected with Dr. Robert Kiltz whose high energy was contagious. He prepared keto ice cream for the attendees which paired perfectly with our mini chocolate cupcakes made using the Chocolate Cake Mix. Dr. Kiltz is a fertility doctor who believes "Through the power of positive thinking, changes to diet, and a nurturing attitude toward overall health, you can achieve what you envision and desire most." 

ROSETTE'S Keto Baking Mixes Chocolate Cake Mix
ROSETTE'S Keto Baking Mixes Classic Yellow Cake Mix

In between speaker sessions, we shared our low-carb baking mixes with the attendees and speakers! It was nice for our business to be a part of such an amazing event, in our home-town, with keto-famous professionals! We were proud to be able to introduce our low-carb baking mixes to a new audience and in turn hope they will take it back to their communities. 

Our mission at ROSETTE’S is to empower people to sustain a low-carb, ketogenic lifestyle with versatile baking mixes that can (re)create all the foods people crave. 


Kristina Hess Keto Nutritionist and ROSETTE'S Keto Baking MixesCynthia Thurlow Fasting and ROSETTE'S Keto Baking MixesNina Teicholz and ROSETTE'S Keto Baking Mixes Keto Mojo Dorian Greenow, Gemma Kochis, Dr. Tro Kalayjian and ROSETTE'S Keto Baking Mixes Robert Sikes Keto Savage and ROSETTE'S Keto Baking MixesDr. Robert Kiltz and ROSETTE'S Keto Baking MixesBen Azadi and ROSETTE'S Keto Baking MixesDr. Tro Kalayjian Medical Weight Loss and Primary Care and ROSETTE'S Keto Baking MixesTemple Stewart Keto Nutritionist and ROSETTE'S Keto Baking MixesMaria Emmerich Keto Adapted and ROSETTE'S Keto Baking Mixes


  • Nice Meeting you Rossette, thanks for making my b day extra special, good review of the symposium. Mayra from Mexico 🇲🇽

    Mayra Perez
  • Nice meeting you Rossete, Mayra from 🇲🇽 Mexico, and a very nice description of the symposium, thanks for making my bday extra special.

  • When we started our business Whole Well-Being 16-8 our journey was much in the same as Rosette’s Mix. I was struggling with diabetes and a whole host of other medical issues like Tro. I decided that low carb, no sugar, and fasting was right for me. With the support from my wife who is a cardiac icu nurse who loves to do research on our healthy life style. I have lost 137 lbs reversing my diabetes, the starts of diabetic retinopathy, sleep apnea, and afib. So wanting to help others I went back to school at 49 and graduated and opened my business. Helping others like me and people struggling is our goal! Rosette’ Mix has some fantastic products, I highly recommend all of the products the produce and recommend to my clients, friends and family as alternatives to processed foods as they are healthy and taste great. Rosette’s mission is just like ours at Whole Well-Being 16-8. I look forward to continuing to help promote there business on my Website, Facebook and Instagram pages. The sisters are awesome people and both my wife and I enjoy supporting local companies. Thank-you for all you do!!
    Joe Angelico
    Owner and Health Coach

    Whole Well-Being 16-8

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